We are a next-generation studio that creates premium sci-fi, supernatural and fantasy audio dramas.

Podcasts that excel on their own merits, while also serving as underlying IP content for film, television and other 360 applications.


Experienced Content Developers

A-List Talent Connections

Production & Post-Production Expertise

Multi-Platform IP Creators

Website & App Developers

Digital Marketers

Decades of experience in the development and execution of first-class scripted content.

Relationships with prominent talent who will enhance the profile of our projects.

Experience with some of the best Below-The-Line talent, setting the bar for production and post-production quality in this new medium.

Extensive experience creating and exploiting IP across a multitude of media brands and  franchises in partnership with the world’s most impactful companies, celebrities and networks.

An experienced team of website and app developers who can build and dynamically adjust our content distribution across multiple platforms.

A best-in-breed content marketing team with proven strategies that reach beyond data to engage and motivate new audiences.


  • Our shows are emotionally engaging and thought-provoking, with propulsive storytelling that won’t let you go.

  • Our main characters are ordinary people in extraordinary situations. From their intimate and personal perspective, we enter expansive worlds and concepts that stimulate the imagination.

  • Our execution is best-in-class. We bring together top-tier talent from all disciplines to create immersive audio experiences that transport the listener.


Compelling Storytelling

State-of-the-Art Production & Post

First-Class Talent

Innovative Marketing & Distribution

Bringing decades of scripted development experience, we work with a mix of new and experienced writers to create content from both original concepts and existing materials. We are committed to a clean, simple process that keeps the experience positive and gets us to production as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Superlative sound design and music composition are essential elements to any great audio drama. We work with the best post-production talent to create, record and mix layered, nuanced sound that vitally enhances the drama, and helps build scope and production-value.

We strive to be a home for top talent by providing them with creative autonomy, a way to get a stalled passion-project made, a streamlined development and production process, and real upside in success. We look to match the best talent from film, television and podcasting to create best-in-class productions. 

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you have an amazing audio drama if no one knows about it. We deploy multiple approaches to make sure that our shows cut through the clutter: From packaging the right talent, to tapping our in-house digital marketing team, to finding the best distribution platform for maximum exposure. 



Our stories are rich and textured, with thought-provoking ideas and worlds that invite further exploration.

Our proprietary digital hub will bring additional content and experiences to listeners who want to dive deeper.


Our podcasts stand alone as best-in-class audio dramas.

They also serve as IP to launch new franchises. 


Content Hub

Films &










With over 25 years of experience in the television industry, Mark Stern has served on all sides of the development, production, and distribution process as a writer, producer, executive producer, and president of a network and two television studios. 

Prior to Echoverse, Stern was President of IM Global Television, a full-service studio that he founded in 2014 with Reliance’s IM Global Films to develop, package, fund and distribute high-quality television content and built a slate of over 40 high-quality projects with top-tier talent such as Jenji Kohan, M. Night Shyamalan, Noah Hawley, Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, David Goyer, Norman Lear, Michael Bay, Phil Rosenthal, Adam Shankman, Eliza Dushku, and Forest Whitaker.  The company’s series JETT, starring Carla Gugino, aired on Cinemax in 2019.

Stern served as President of Original Content at Syfy from 2002-2013, during which he vaulted the network into the top-5 and cemented its reputation as a home for well-produced, critically-acclaimed, highly-rated original programming which included BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, WAREHOUSE 13, EUREKA, BEING HUMAN and GHOST HUNTERS among many others. Collectively they have garnered over 200 award nominations and 42 awards, including 40 Emmy nominations.  In June 2008, Stern also helped launch Universal Cable Productions at NBC/Universal as an independent television studio servicing “non-Broadcast” buyers, and served as Co-Head of Original Content until leaving to form IM Global Television.  Before NBC/Universal, Stern was a partner and president of television at Trilogy Entertainment Group where he executive produced over 300 hours of television, including the award-winning Showtime series "The Outer Limits.”


JP Alanis is the former General Manager of Tyler, The Creator's direct-to-consumer media venture GOLF MEDIA, overseeing content development, product and technology, as well as sales of incubated projects to linear television, including The Jellies (Adult Swim) and Nuts & Bolts (Viceland).


Justin Middleton oversaw product strategy for Kim Kardashian West’s direct-to-consumer media ventures KKW and KIMOJI. He has defined and advised on video and product development for Howard Stern and SiriusXM, as well as Ellen Degeneres and the Los Angeles Lakers. 


Ben Chodosh joined Echoverse from Bento Box Entertainment (BOB’S BURGERS, THE AWESOMES) where he was the assistant to Head of Production Joel Kuwahara. In March 2015, he joined The Shuman Company as an assistant to Film/TV Literary Manager Robert Lazar. Prior to this, he was a Development Assistant at Atlas Entertainment and a production assistant at Comedy Central. Ben holds a BS in Film and Television from Boston University.


If you've ever wondered what happens when a shark and a wolf bone, Nick is the answer you seek. He's a dude who's been keeping it real since 1909, when he invented the first flying car. He looks like a guy you'd probably drink craft IPAs with. He doesn't smile for photos or in life because we're only born so we can die. Nick also finds cat memes amusing. He earned an online bartending certificate and finished in the top 50% of his class.


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